Yodeva Plastics is a leading company in the following categories:

  • Bottles for Personal Care, Home Care, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals and other segments
  • Caps for India and Export (to USA, Europe, African Region, Asia and Australia)
  • Contract manufacturing of products for India in fiscal benefit area in Himachal Pradesh
  • Private Label products for exports to USA and other countries.

So, if you are looking for bottles and caps for your products for:

  • simple and cost effective solutions
  • top of the line specialty applications with firm eye on economy
  • for consumption in India or import to any part of the world

we should be getting together.

If you are looking for contract filling/ manufacturing products :

  • at a location where you have bottle/ cap making, filling and capping all together
  • wish to do so at a fiscal benefit area ( Himachal Pradesh or J&K)

we are one of the very few who can provide you very exciting propositions!


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