Experience and Manufacturing Innovation Make Yodeva Plastics Your Quality Supplier.

International Organisation For Stadardisations (ISO 9001) is just one of the many quality steps involved in maintaining exact tolerances in each Yodeva product manufactured.

Throughout the manufacturing process, quality assurance coordinates and monitors production with Specialised Quality Process Equipments. Our quality process includes real-time monitoring of equipment, in-line leak detection, automated and visual dimension inspection.

Our department is equipped to test and qualify new product introduction.

We monitor weight, wall thickness, surface treatment, critical finish dimensions, and resin color uniformity. Data from each run is catalogued and retained for future manufacturing analysis and adherence to our customer's specifications. Yodeva can also customize its quality system to meet special requirements for your unique products if requested.

The entire Yodeva Plastics team is dedicated to quality. We are determined to be the most innovative plastics packaging manufacturer in the industry.


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